X Games 17 Women’s Moto Enduro X: Riders Have Tough Time In Inaugural Event (Video)

August 1, 2011

What do you think of women riding bikes with the whole entire biker gear, helmets and everything? Perhaps that sounds pretty hot, especially if it’s that scene for the film Charlie’s Angels with Cameron Diaz comes up, but what if these ladies keep falling down over and over again, what would you think then, is that still hot, OK or lame, next!!!! Have a look at the story below to know what was the struggle for the bikers at the X Games 17 in Moto Enduro, plus have a look at the video to see exactly how they did it after the jump.

Moto race

I am a big supporter of any female athlete and these girls needed that support for the fight they had to go through at X Games 17. Maybe the course was just too much? I mean it is OK when one contestant fell off her bike, two, or even three but half of the bikers? Something must be wrong, but what was it? The course? Their bikes?

I have absolutely zero idea what was wrong because I searched for other videos of the women falling off the bikes once or twice and they were awesome, they nailed it in previous races, but I guess this was just not their night, but it sure was for 24 year-old Maria Forsberg from Washington who managed to not only stay on her bike the entire course but finished first and took the gold medal home.

The second place and taking the silver medal was the 25 year-old Puerto Rican Tarah Gieger who didn’t slow down even though she fell off her bike in the first 100 feet, the third place went to 20 year-old Kacy Martinez from Sunol, California. Kacy fell more than once but she looked pretty satisfied and happy on the podium, I guess that maybe it was hard to see them fall so many times but it sure was encouraging to see them fight, get up on their feet and onto their bikes, I don’t think it was lame at all, but what about you?

Photos: www.wenn.com/ Picture Media

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