Susie Sanchez: Raiders’ New Cheerleader is a Grandmother

July 29, 2011

You probably have heard that the Oakland Raiders’ cheerleaders, the stunning Raiderettes, are all quite amazing, incredible gorgeous ladies? Would you think otherwise if I told you one of the Raiderettes is also a grandmother? Maybe you will, maybe you won’t but the truth is that the newest cheerleader, Susie Sanchez, is a hot grandmother. Keep reading to know all about this story and find out more about her.

NFL Cheerleader

If you are a fan of the Oakland Raiders and their gorgeous cheerleaders you know already that Susie Sanchez is not their first grandmother on the cheerleading squad. As a matter of fact Kathy Ferrin was maybe their first grandmother a couple of years ago and what about age? That is a perfect question. Susie is 37, which doesn’t make her the oldest cheerleader in the NFL either. The oldest cheerleader would be Laura Vikmanis from the Cincinnati Bengals, she is actually 42.

For this Hollister resident to finally make it onto the Raiders’ cheerleading squad is a dream come true, this was the fifth time in six years (the first time was in 2006, then again in 2007, 2008 and 2009) that she has tried out for the squad, so I guess this tryout was for sure a pretty exciting day in the life of this mother and grandmother. Mrs. Sanchez has three daughters and one grandchild, an experienced dancer and teacher.

As a child she began dancing at a very young age, she grew up in Morgan Hill where she attended dance lessons at Lana Dance Studio. She then worked for over 10 years at IBM, about 6 years ago she opened her own dance studio Dancing Days, but a friend who is also a former Raider cheerleader talked her into trying one last time and she did!!

So while we can’t see her dancing in her Raiderette uniform right now, you can be sure Susie Sanchez, the new Raiders cheerleading grandmother will be a major attraction. Not because of that but because she is utterly stunning. You can see her in the video below along with the rest of the 2011 Raiderettes, enjoy!!!

NFL Cheerleaders

Photos: Rick Rosen

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