WWE Diva Maryse Gets Restraining Order Against Alleged Stalker Lee Silber

July 27, 2011

WWE Diva Maryse, who real name is Maryse Ouellet, has a crazy stalker sending her scary messages. These have become so creepy that she fears for her life so today she got a restraining order against her alleged delusional stalker identified as Lee Silber. Keep reading to know the details about this story plus some of Maryse’s awesome photos and a great video after the jump.


The 27 year-old Canadian WWE Diva Maryse is used to getting letters and messages from her fans, telling her they love her and how incredibly stunning she is, but when a certain fan becomes obsessive and starts to frighten that certain celebrity, he or she becomes their stalker. Poor Maryse is facing that scary moment as you and I talk.

This is how our friends at TMZ brought us the news. 61 year-old Lee Silber started to send letters to Maryse offering to give her money, and by money I mean ridiculously amounts of green bills, diamonds and properties. At first she thought it was some crazy guy with a twisted sense of humor but as time went by his messages started to get worse, to the point that he got her cell pone number and left her voice mails (tons of them). In one of them he allegedly told her he was coming to Los Angeles to get her. Fearing for her life and safety and hoping to continue with her life without fear, she made the decision to go to the L.A. County Superior Court and file a restraining order against Lee Silber, she will be back in court next week.

Some of Lee Silber’s creepy messages were posted via Facebook (first posted on September 2010), here are some…

Maryse my name is Mr. Silber my cell # is 305-xxx-xxxx, If you become my friend I can give you $450,000,000 as I own TX oil and skyscraper development properties for you!!!…
September 25, 2010

Maryse this is your friend Mr. Silber. Please call me at (phone deleated) I will give you outright: horses, cattle, if you can help me sell,lease my 20 acres of TX oil, mineral, skyscraper development properties in Hudspeth County,TX on the Wolfcreek Ranch for $500,000,000 with your international contacts I will have my attorneys guarantee you the $500,000,000 or you can have your attorneys guarantee you the $500,000,000
April 9th

This one from April was his last at last on Facebook. I guess after that he managed to contact her by other sources, poor girl!!!! Share your comments about this story in the comments box below, but before you do that enjoy Maryse’s pics and video right here!

Maryse 1Maryse 2Maryse 3

Photos: www.wenn.com/ Jodi Cortes, Nikki Nelson, Starbux.

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    Wellllll she is VERY GORGEOUS! Just not enough to spend time in the slammer locked up with big bubba….!