Ryan Lochte or Michael Phelps, Who Would You Rather?

July 26, 2011

When the words U.S. Olympic male swimmers with amazing bodies comes up, Michael Phelps’ lean, long, sculptured physique comes to many of the female minds but there is a new male in town. His name is Ryan Lochte and has come not only to threaten Michael’s place in the rankings but in the minds of female fans. So I ask you, who would you rather Phelps or Lochte? Have a look at the rest of this story to know the facts about these guys, their photos and videos after the jump.

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This is a very hard decision, I wish I thought it over before asking you to choose between these two freaking hot guys, I can’t do it by myself so I need a hand or two here, so let’s learn a little bit more about them to help us decide..

Let’s begin with Michael Phelps

* He is 26 from Maryland, 6’4”.

* His lean torso is perfectly toned, long arms and size 14 feet makes him a powerful, killer swimming opponent.

* Holds over 48 gold Medals.

* Hold 39 World records.

* Holds 8 silver meals.

* Holds 3 bronze medals.

* 6-time World Swimmer Of the Year Award holder.

* 8-time American Swimmer Of the Year Award holder.

* 2008 Sports illustrated Sportsmen of the Year winner.

* He was allegedly dating socialite Brittny Gastineau.

* He is currently dating Canadian Ashley Finestone.

Now let’s have a look at Ryan Lochte

* He is also 26 from New York and stands at 6’2”.

* He is the middle child of 5 two older sisters and 2 younger brothers.

* Went to the University of Florida and has a major in sports management.

* Holds 33 gold medals.

* Holds 11 silver medals.

* Holds 3 bronze medals.

* 24-time NCAA All American at the University of Florida.

* 7-time NCAA Champion.

* 7-time SEC champion.

* 2-time NCAA Swimmer Of The Year.

* 2010 FINA Male Swimmer of the Year.

* 2010 Golden Goggles “Male Swimmer of the Year” and Male Racer of the Year.

* He has been romantically linked to fellow swimmer Kaitlin Sandeno and Caroline Burckle.

* Ryan recently beat Michael at the 200-meter freestyle in the World Championships in Shanghai.

So the moment has come, who would you rather???? To help with this difficult task I have added some pictures of Michael and Ryan and their videos below, because you know sometimes this kind of help is necessary.

Michael Phelps 1 1 2Ryan Lochte 2Michael Phelps 2Ryan Lochte 1 1Michael Phelps 3Ryan Lochte 3

Photos: www.wenn.com/ Dan Jackman, PNP, Carrie Devorah, Michael Carpenter, Starbux, Judy Eddy

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