Shocking Video of the Week: Arizona Diamondbacks’ Shortstop Stephen Drew Breaks Ankle Sliding Into Home Plate

July 21, 2011

This week our shocking video comes with a gruesome injury in the MLB and the player who suffered this unfortunate event was Arizona Diamondbacks’ shortstop Stephen Drew, who broke his ankle when he slid into home plate. Have a look at the story we have for you and the injury video after the jump!!

Stephen Drew

Drew has been the Arizona Diamondback’s starting shortstop for almost 5 years now, this terrible thing happening now is just a tragedy, his injury came during the Diamondbacks game against the Milwaukee Brewers right in the beginning of the fourth inning last night. His attempt was to score from second, he slid and while he did that his right foot flipped 180 degrees. By the time he stop his foot was facing all the way around even with all the pain Stephen flipped his own foot the way it should be, then he called for help from the dugout. Ouch!!!!

Drew will be out for the rest of the season and there is a chance he will need surgery, Arizona had their eyes on New York Mets and NL East leading hitter Jose Reyes but apparently that won’t be happening, this is terrible!!!

“We know how important Stephen is, but if you’ve been around the game a while, it happens,” Gibson said. “It’s fairly common that you are going to lose star players. You hope it doesn’t happen to you. We now know what the Giants are feeling (after losing catcher Buster Posey to knee and ankle injuries on a collision at the plate May 27). We’ll have to find a way to get through it.”

And the Brewers had mishaps themselves despite the fact they won the game 5-2 against Arizona. Dominican Republic Carlos Gomez left the field with a broken collarbone, the 25 year- old center is covering for Nyjer Morgan who was just traded in March for Cutter Dykstra.

Have a look at this shocking video where Stephen Drew broke his ankle remember keep your eyes on his right foot that is if you can handle it, feel free to leave us your thoughts about this story in the comment box below! Get well soon Drew!!!!

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