Video: US World Cup Team Return Home from Germany

July 18, 2011

The U.S female Soccer Team has come home from the World Cup in Germany, the girls received a warm welcome because even though they lost to Japan they are champions to us!!! Watch the video when they arrived home below.

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It seemed for many Americans that the U.S. World Cup Team had already won the Cup, we all lived and suffered in every one of their games. Celebrities all over the Nation were so into these amazing girls, they were tweeting about their progress, congratulated them at the end of a game, encouraged them before a game and when their final game came up even President Obama was sending his warmest wishes to the girls.

“Sorry I can’t be there to see you play, but I’ll be cheering you on from here. Let’s go. – BO.”

But what happened in the final match on Sunday against Japan was heartbreaking..unbelievable!!!

Abby Wambach’s goal during the second half gave the lead to the U.S team but the celebration didn’t last long enough, Japan tied things up just 13 minutes later, after that everything was going to be decided through penalty shots!!!

Our heart sank the moment Carli Lloyd missed her shot, the went up the crossbar, her face showed dismay, Japan was winning, then Hope Solo saved Japan’s next goal. So did Japan’s impressive goalkeeper Ayumi Kaihori. At that moment Japan just needed a goal to claim the Cup and they did!!!!

The U.S team lost, they were so close to taste victory but it was Japan who got that sweet taste in their mouths. In the end the girls cheered up and felt happy for Japan after all, the tragedy happening in their country winning this cup was well deserved!!!

“If any other country was to win this, then I’m really happy and proud for Japan. Deep down inside I really thought it was our destiny to win it. But maybe it was Japan’s.” Carli Lloyd said.

But the U.S World Cup team was well received as champions because in our hearts they have always been just that, they made us proud, they gave us great moments, laughter and tears of joy!!!!

“Really humbling. Truthfully, it brought my spirits up more than anything. I’m so disappointed for myself, our team and our country, because I felt we had it.” Wambach said, while this was what Hope said..”Part of me wanted to make sense of it all and say it was all Japan’s fate. I’ll be doing that for quite some time.”

Hope and Abby will be at the David Letterman Late show today, have a look at this emotional video when the girls got off the bus in New York below!!


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