Golfer Tom Lewis’ Girlfriend Lara Cornell Looking Really Good at British Open

July 17, 2011

The young British golfer Tom Lewis Won the Silver Medal at the 2011 British Open he sure was one golfer spectators had their eyes on, not just because of his amazing skills but also because of the leggy brunette by his side looking utterly beautiful. We hear she is actually his girlfriend and her name is Lara Cornell. Keep reading to know more about how Tom did at the Open and a little info we want to share with you about his pretty lady, plus the girls in the photos are not Lara but we thought they are also stunning don’t you think so too?

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This handsome rookie from Welwyn Garden City, England is just 20 but he has been on the golf course since age 4, his younger brother, also a golfer, gave credit for his brother’s amazing performance to his father Bryan. Mr. Lewis was looking way too nervous while Tom was giving fans some of his best moves on the course, he sure left a great impression and walked out the Open with a silver medal, and you know what else???

You know already Lara, Lara oh Lara looking so beautiful and showing off her pretty legs, smile and her unconditional support for her man, her future in-laws love her!!! Sure, why wouldn’t they she seems adorable!!!!

19 year-old Lara Cornell is also referred by many as Tom‘s lucky charm. After all he was the amateur whose lowest single-round broke a record, was that merely because of his girlfriend? I want to say yes but that would be kind of unfair to Tom he is becoming an amazing golfer.

Both Tom and Lara were looking very happy during the Open, and you know what else I heard,you probably heard Tom;s father likes to name his children after a famous golfer he fancied. For example, Tom was named after American golfer Tom Watson, his younger son Jack (18) after Watson’s long time rival Jack Nicklaus and then comes his only daughter Stacey who ….. wasn’t named after any golfer but after a model he used to like but then Lara was named by his parents after David Lean’s 1965 adaptation of the famous Russian novel Doctor Zhivago whose love affair was a girl named Larissa Feodorovna Guiscard aka Lara. In the movie she was played by Julie Christie, well not exactly a golfer either but Mr. and Mrs. Cornell liked to name their daughter after a celeb, one thing they have in common.

Another thing this pretty couple has in common is the fact that both are so gorgeous!!! Congrats to Tom and nice to meet you Lara!!!

Photos: Starbux

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