Shane Mosley And Wife Jin Mosley’s Divorce Settlement Grants Her 3 Championship Belts

July 14, 2011

Jin Mosley, Shane Mosley’s wife and soon to be ex-wife was granted with Shane’s Championship Belts in their divorce settlement. Keep reading to know more about their divorce, about Jin and don’t forget their photos and a video provided below.

Jin Mosley

Actually when I told you about Shane having to give his championship belt to wife Jin I wasn’t telling the absolute truth, not only does he have to give her one belt but three!!!

Are you wondering what in the world she would do with those belts? Sell them on eBay? Not likely, you see each of Mosley’s belts will be given to each of the couple’s three minor children by the time they are 18, so it is some sort of legacy to them I guess. What about child support then? I have no idea about that but hear this out. She will get half of his money made from his bout against Golden Boy Oscar de La Hoya (he defeated Oscar on Sept. 13, 2003 and June, 17th 2000), Fernando Vargas (Mosley defeated Vargas on February 25, 2006) and Miguel Cotto (defeated by Cotto on Nov. 10, 2007) plus the income from his fights’ videos. This is sort of the funny part, she will also get half of the points in his American Express Card, according to our dear friends at TMZ they have over 850,000 points, so about 425,000 will be Jin’s.

So what is the story about the soon to be former Jin Mosley?

Shane’ ex-wife was actually born in the Big Apple and comes from a Korean heritage. Jin and her boxer hubby got married in November 2002. During their 8 year marriage she became his manager and mother of their three children, two boys Najee Jamarr and Taiseki Justin ages 9 and 8, and their 7 year-old girl Mee-Yon Jinae. The couple separated in January, 2009, she filed for divorce a month later citing irreconcilable differences. Mrs. Mosley was requesting her hubby should pay her legal fees as well as spousal support. You might remember Jin was once referred to as the Yoko Ono in boxing, but others also expressed respect for Jin’s work as her husband’s manager, counselor and the way she drove herself in the world of boxing considering she is a woman.

What else do you know about Shane Mosley’s wife? I am dying to know more so while you think about spilling the beans you can check out Jin Mosley’s pictures below and why not the video too, I am sure you are going to like it!!

Jin Mosley 1Jin Mosley 2Jin Mosley 3

Photos: Mary Ann Owen, Rachel Worth

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