Susan Tiedtke is Track and Field Olympian

April 17, 2008

Susan Tiedtke is also known as Susan Tiedtke-Green. She is a German Olympian athlete in track and field. See her biography, photos and video below.

Susan Tiedtke is a three time Olympian long jumper. She has been absent from the world track and field scene since the 2004 Olympics. However, she did make a mark in those Olympics.

The 2004 Olympics might have been known as the hottest Olympics with many of the participating athletes being featured in men’s magazines. Playboy was one of those magazines. In their ‘Women of the Olympics‘ issue they did a 12-page nude pictorial of eight Olympic women. Susan Tiedtke-Green was chosen as one of the eight featured in that issue of Playboy.

Susan Tiedtke is married to Jamaican Olympic long jumper, Joe Green. Since she married she has been known as Susan Tiedtke-Green. She first became known in 1995 in Petersburg. She is one of the favorites for photographers for obvious reasons. In 1995 she tested positive for steroids and was banned from competition for four years. Later, her suspension was reduced to two years. She won the German national championship in 1997.

She is also a part-time model.

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