Top 3 Tour De France Crash Videos

July 13, 2011

This year at the Tour de France we have seen over five major crashes so far, some caused by spectators others more severe – by a car, we have gathered three videos that we consider to be the top three crash videos at the tour plus a few photos from previous years at this grand cycling event.

Tour de France

We will show you three major crash videos that have occurred at the 2011 Tour De France from stage one to stage 9 where Juan Antonio Flecha got injured and has been by far the worst of them all, so let’s have a look!!

The first stage began at the 2011 Tour De France and the great worldwide cyclists got on their bikes to begin the biggest and legendary event of their professional careers. Millions of French citizens lined up on the street to have a look at these amazing athletes but one spectator in particular got one glimpse and perhaps he wishes he never got to see again, especially since he was the one who caused it. During the 20Km at this 1st stage a spectator got in the way of one of the cyclists who didn’t manage to roll him, or it could be a her, over then he went down and dragged many other cyclists along with him, causing one of the biggest crashes in this year’s tour. Have a look at the person in what seems to be a yellow sweater in the very beginning of the video, watch as he/she was knocked down and the tragic crash occurred!!

The second one came on Wednesday and this one involved Danish rider Nicki Sorensen from Saxo Bank SunGard and a motorcycle rider who was carrying an official Tour De France photographer at the 77 km. Nicki was riding very carefully but on a safety right zone when all of a sudden the motorcycle knocked him down. Nicki fell hard on the ground but he got a new bike and resumed the stage. Sadly he ended up in the 175th place, as for the driver on the motorcycle he was kicked off the tour!!!

The third and last crash we have selected came just two days ago during Sunday’s stage 9 when a France TV car hit Skyrider Juan Antonio Flecha from Spain and Dutchman Johnny Hoogerland off the road at the 35 km. Flecha was knocked out at high-speed, Hoogerland ended up on a barbed wire fence. He received 33 stitches. Flecha said the driver for France TV has not approached and apologized, his team is considering taking legal action against them.

What do you think of these Tour de France crashes, pretty intense right? Do you think we will be seeing any more? Which of these do you think was the more severe? Ridiculous?

Tour de France 1Tour de France 2Tour de France 4Tour de France 3

Photos: Tom Zinn, Kavi

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