Video: Kid Dances Thriller During Mariners Game At Safeco Field

July 9, 2011

If I tell you how you can you mix Michael Jackson’s Thriller with a Baseball game, you probably will say there is no freaking way, but it is freaking possible. If you are still in doubt just watch the amazing dance moves this young boy showed at Safeco Field where the Seattle Mariners played, but the whole attention was at the Thriller dance performed by this little man.


Michael Jackson is and forever will be a pop legend, his songs reached iconic billboard records, his videos became the most watched videos all over the world and everybody learned his dance moves. It didn’t matter the country, language, age or genre when Michael Jackson released his 14 minute Thriller video on December 2nd, 1983 every person loved it, even after 27 years generations are still dancing to Thriller, like we have just seen at the Safeco Field last week when this awesome kid stood up and gave us a taste of his phenomenal talent!!

He did it all, the moon walk, hat trick, robot – he was absolutely amazing. I think I am going to be speechless and believe me that is hard to achieve, I bet you will be dancing as you watch it. The guys at Safeco were and you know what? This young dancer was seen on the big screen at the stadium where every soul could watch it, which is why after he was finished he received a standing ovation, I think he was very proud yet unaware of the buzz he created, after all I am typing and you are reading!!!

Who is the kid doing some amazing Thriller moves at the Safeco field? I don’t know, perhaps you do I guess it will be just a matter of time until this young dancer gets invited to perform on a television show, my guess is Jimmy Kimmel or Jimmy Fallon but while we wait for that to happen we can enjoy his first live performance!!


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