Video: Justin Timberlake’s ‘I Love Sports’ For Capital One Cup

July 9, 2011

Have you seen Justin Timberlake play sports, besides golf? Well here is the opportunity to watch the many sides of Justin Timberlake the athlete in this funny video called I Love Sports For Capital One Cup especially made for the ESPYs next week, but you won’t have to wait because we have it right after the jump!!!!!

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Justin Timberlake is an awesome singer, actor, part owner of the clothing line William Rast, who became the sponsor of Indianapolis 500 winner Dan Wheldon and he recently bought MySpace. There is no doubt Justin is a very talented man who also happens to be an amazing entrepreneur. And I guess he has luck with the ladies, Britney, Cameron Diaz, Jessica Biel – all very hot and the fact that he gets to kiss other hotties like Mila Kunis on the big screen or Scarlett Johansson for a commercial also counts.

But you know what I like the most about him, he is a funny man. I guess that is the way to my heart every time I watch his videos while hosting Saturday Night Live. He’s grown on me and I am sure you must feel the same way.

Timberlake has forgotten his regular clothes and is gearing up to prepare for this amazing, hilarious video for Capital One Cup which will be presented at the ESPY’s this Wednesday, July 13th featuring him doing or I should say trying to do a variety of sports along with experienced athletes with whom he just can’t keep up!!! Take my word guys this is a must see, repeatedly!!!! too funny to watch it just once.

I forgot that Justin is no stranger to funny sports performances. Back in 2008 when he hosted the ESPY’s he did a superb ‘I love Sports’ gig!!! Do you remember that one??? I know, what the heck happened to me how could I forget that, duh!!!

Here is Justin Timberlake and his College Athletics Fail For Capital One Cup Video and his second I Love Sports Video, but don’t forget the ESPY’s this Wednesday, 9:00 pm ET by ESPN HD, hosted by Saturday Night Live funny man Seth Meyers!!!!

Feel free to tell us what your thoughts are about the video, I am dying to hear you!!!

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Photos: JDH/JCP, Adriana M. Barraza

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