Shocking Video of the Week: Rangers Fan Shannon Stone Dies After Falling Out Of Stands

July 8, 2011

Tragedy struck the Rangers this day, when a fan identified as Shannon Stone watching the game from the stands reached out to catch the ball and fell to his death, in front of several viewers including his son. This sad news was caught on video which is our Shocking video of the week!

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Nobody could expect what happened during Thursday’s game where the Texas Rangers played against the Oakland A’s, a foul ball reached the left field where a few fans were watching the game. One of them reached out to catch it but he lost his balance and fell 20 feet down, dying hours later.

The Rangers fan who remained unidentified until all of his family were notified was 39-year-old Shannon Stone from Brownwood, Texas. He was at Thursday’s game with his young son sitting in the left field where others fans overheard him screaming at the Rangers for a foul ball.

The ball went directly where Mr. Stone was standing, he got ready to catch it, he did, but also fell from the railing hitting head first in a 20 foot drop, the wall in that area which is not visible from the field has a 14 foot high wall.

People said his head was bleeding pretty badly but he was conscious when paramedics put him on a stretcher, he was worried about his 6 year-old son, everybody watching expected him to recover, not even for a second would they have guessed he would die from his injuries an hour after he was rushed to Fort Worth hospital. His death is the third fatal accident in 17 years, the first was in 1994, the second was just less than two months ago.

“They had him on a stretcher. He said, ‘Please check on my son. My son was up there by himself.’ The people who carried him out reassured him. ‘Sir, we’ll get your son, we’ll make sure he’s OK. He had his arms swinging. He talked and was conscious. We assumed he was OK. But when you find out he’s not, it’s just tough”

Ryan Nolan, President of the Rangers, expressed how saddened he and the rest of the team felt about the tragedy and sent their condolences to Shannon’s family.

Rightfielders joins them by sending our deepest condolences and prayers to Shannon Stone’s family and friends throughout this terrible time.

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