Portrait of Pregnant Victoria Beckham: David Beckham Shares Picture of Victoria’s Bare Bump

July 7, 2011

David Beckham might become a great photographer when he retires from soccer or he might just consider it a hobby, recently Becks posted a beautiful portrait of his girls on his Facebook account, pregnant Victoria Beckham lying in the sun with her bare baby bump, looking absolutely fabulous.

victoria beckham pregnant portrait

According to rumors Victoria Beckham was supposed to have a c-section on July 4th, not likely, her and David’s 12 year anniversary was that day but no delivery though, watching baby Posh’s godmother and Posh’s BFF Eva Longoria enjoying the Spanish sun with beau Eduardo Cruz was a sign that Victoria was not going to go into labor any day. That is until this Sunday when according to the DailyMail Victoria and David will welcome their beloved baby girl into their family.

Either way Victoria will give birth this Sunday…or not. Soon to be daddy of a girl David Beckham took the opportunity to take the most amazing picture of a very pregnant Victoria showing off her bare bump, wearing her distinctively black sunglasses, and a black top and skirt, the picture posted on David’ Facebook’s wall is featured in black and white and he added the following…

Took this pic of Victoria while she wasn’t looking. She looks amazing, so close now to the baby being born!

Quickly, Victoria’s pregnant photo received over 17,931 likes and over 2,571 comments wishing him and Victoria well on the birth of their girl and congratulating him for the beautiful pic from his followers including myself, LOL!!!!

Last week we saw a picture of what seemed to be Victoria and David practicing Lamaze which made no sense since she will have her girl via c-section and others choosing baby girls’ names, well it turned out those were not Posh and Becks but their lookalikes photographed by Alison Jackson.

But this one is the real Victoria sporting her beautiful pregnant body, best wishes to them!!!! Would you like to send them a message? You can do that below but first watch the beautiful video of this dear couple!

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