Ashley Finestone is Michael Phelps’ Secret Girlfriend???

July 6, 2011

Did you know that Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps has a girlfriend? And did you know that he has been dating her for more than two years already? That girl is not Brittny Gastineau, in fact Michael Phelps’ alleged girlfriend is Ashley Finestone, a Canadian student and ultra mega hot girl. Check out the rest of this story to know more about this stunning girl and her alleged relationship with him, plus Ms. Finestone’s picture below.

Ashley FinestoneMichael Phelps

According to the media outlets all over the web, 26 year-old Michael and 24 year-old Ashley Finestone met on New Year’s at a hotel in South Beach a little more than two years ago, they have been allegedly dating ever since.

The Canadian beauty is a McGill University graduate from Montreal and has been allegedly exchanging some racy texts, calls and visits like the one she recently made or so said a source that told RadarOnline.

This unnamed source told the great guys at Radar that Ashley and her alleged Olympic beau were spotted in Canada walking hand in hand, he was there competing at the Canada Cup, she even allegedly stayed in the hotel with him (Aubere Universel) the entire weekend and the best part for her friends was they got VIP tickets that Finestone collected for them, Isn’t that cool? I think so!

So… rumors said that some of the texts they have exchange can make your ears bleed, well maybe not that much but they are racy alright but not in a Weiner kind of way! But some alleged reports state that he sent her a picture of him getting out of the shower, Yikes!!!!

These are some of the statements these unknown sources talked about Ashley and Michael…

“But Ashley has always been concerned with showing Michael that she would keep their relationship on the down-low and private. When she first started seeing Michael the two of them would send each other pictures back and forth, some extremely incriminating,” the source said. “Including one out of the shower he had sent her.”

And guess what? Radar contacted her and when they asked her about whether she was Phelps’ girlfriend or not she did not deny nor did she accept, bah! I hate when they do that!!

“I don’t talk publicly about this. I don’t think it’s the proper thing to do; it’s a private matter and I prefer to leave it at that. Only him and I know what’s really going on.”

I have a quick question for you guys? Is it just Crazy Miriam which is Moi or does Ashley look a lot like Tiger Woods’s alleged mistress Rachel Uchitel? Have a look!!

Ashley Finestone 1Rachel Uchitel 1 2 3 4 5

A little bit right? So I am not that crazy after all, LOL! Share with us all of your comments about this story and please feel free to add any information you’d like to share about her and her relationship with Michael!

Photos: Rachel Worth, PNP.

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