Carly Hibberd, Australian Cyclist, Killed After Being Hit By Car

July 6, 2011

A young cyclist was hit by a car in Italy and killed at the scene, that was the terrible and sad news about the shocking death of Australian cyclist Carly Hibberd that has left us with a broken heart. Carly was an amazing cyclist, disciplined athlete, the kind, sweet and beautiful young woman that brought joy everywhere she went. Her death is a tragedy that has struck us all. Keep reading to know more about Ms. Hibberd, her career and how the terrible accident happened in our story below.


Carly Hibberd was born on May 11th, 1985 in Brisbane, Australia where she lived until 2009 when she relocated to Italy and became the newest, awesome and popular member of the Michela Fanini-Record-Rox where she stayed until 2011. This year she moved with Cassina Rizzardi A Style’s team. Carly won 3rd place in the 2nd stage at the Australian Cycling Grand Prix on 2007 and 2nd at the South Bank GP that same year. In 2008 she placed 2nd at the Tour de Perth in general after placing 2nd in stages 1, 2 and 3. Ultimately Carly won the women’s national road series in 2011.

26 year-old Carly Hibberd from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia was training along side Colombian cyclist Diego Tamayo on a road north of Milan Appiano Gentile and Lurato Caccivio in the Como area, around 10:45 she was hit by a car driven by a woman, Tamayo was not hurt but sadly Carly died from her injuries at the scene. A helicopter arrived promptly but even after their efforts to resuscitate her there was nothing else to do, Carly Hibberd was gone. Her fellow cyclists are still in shock, the podium celebration at the Giro Donne was canceled. Italian Police are investigating the accident.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family, friends, teammates and fans throughout this terrible time, Carly Hibberd’s memory will be forever in our hearts!


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