Joan Callaghan, Cheryl Cole’s Mother, Against Cheryl & Ashley Getting Back Together

July 5, 2011

Do you know who Cheryl Cole’s mother is? Her name is Joan Callaghan and she is 100% against Cheryl getting back together with Ashley, in her opinion once a cheater always a cheater. If Ashley cheated once on her daughter he will do it again, but is Mrs. Callaghan right? Or do you think she should reconsider and give her former son in-law a second chance? Keep reading to know more about Joan.

Joan Callaghan

We know very little about the former Girls Aloud singer’s mother, Mrs. Joan Callaghan. For starters Joan, one of the three children Olga and Joseph Callaghan had, became pregnant with her first child when she was just 16. She gave birth to a boy Joseph and got married to her baby daddy at age 18, and had two more children, Gillian and Andrew. She later separated and divorced. At 21 Joan met Gary who was 4 years younger, they moved in together and he became her children’s father, ultimately her two youngest children’s dad – Cheryl and her youngest Gary.

She never got married to Cheryl’s father Gary Tweedy, with whom she separated when Cheryl was not even 12, Mrs. Callaghan and her famous daughter have remained very close and has even been labeled as an overprotective mother. When Cheryl and Ashley got married in 2006 Joan went to live with them for almost half a year, and when the whole affair scandal went public she was the first to stand up for her daughter and protected her with her heart and soul.

At age 51 Joan Callaghan remained the same protective mother, manager, bodyguard and confident person by her daughter’s side. When she found out her daughter was considering getting back together with Ashley she was shocked, furious and totally against it. Cheryl recently celebrated her birthday, as you all know Cheryl invited her ex-hubby, his mother and brother, but when Joan saw him talking and laughing she was beyond mad, witnesses at the party overheard Joan saying…

“I don’t know what she sees in him. My lass is gorgeous, I don’t know why she likes him. He’s small and skinny. I don’t know why she’s friendly with him again. I don’t want her to have him back. I’ll never forgive him for what he did to her.”

If Joan continues to feel this way about Ashley and Cheryl is seriously considering a reconciliation I think there is going to be way too much drama than the whole Simon and X-Factor mess going on last month. The Daily Mail reported Ashley has already said he will remarry Cheryl and start a family with her but there is no way for Joan in their new life together, Oh, Oh!!!!

How will thisend? Only God knows in the meantime take a look at some photos of Joan Callaghan with her daughter and son in-law during their sort of good times and a video we have added below. Last but not least enlighten us with your comments!!

Joan Callaghan 1Joan Callaghan 2Joan Callaghan 3

Photos: ydimage

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