Shocking Video of the Week: Giants Brian Wilson Throws Water Cooler After Blown Save

July 2, 2011

Why did San Francisco Giants’ Brian Wilson lose his temper during their game against the Detroit Tigers? What happened that caused him to throw a cooler and punch it repeatedly with a baseball bat? Keep reading and watch this shocking video of Wilson like you have never seen him before or have you ever?

Brian Wilson

What makes a video shocking? A horrible injury? Totally. What about an amazing game? It sure does and a mad scene with a super athlete? Oh yeah, which is what you will be witnessing in a second. I really can’t decide if Brian Wilson losing his temper is fun or pathetic, I mean I have seen many baseball players lose their tempers and go bananas when something that they consider to be unfair happened to them or something like that, most of the time we see them shouting face to face with the umpire and vice versa. Most of the time it is the team’s coach who gets to do the spitting work, this time there was no spitting but splitting!

Brian went absolute mad after the Giants approached a third loss against Detroit in three straight games. It all seemed that the chances of preventing that from happening was in Brian’s beard who came out in the eighth inning with two out for San Francisco.

The Giants had a 4-1 lead but Brian allowed three Tigers to take a base and ultimately gain another run, he walked into the dugout smashing the cooler to the floor and walking away just to come back with a bat and throw a few punches to the poor cooler!! Talk about anger management issues!!!

He later released the following statement

“Well, you know, give myself 30 seconds to absolutely lose it, then come back and be part of the team and watch Affeldt close it out. You come back to reality and root on the guy who’s going out to save your ass, and he did a marvelous job of it.”

And now Brian Wilson talking about his frustration on that cooler after that blown save in the video below. And tell me what do you think!!

Photos: Cbl62

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