Viral Video: Chinese Male Cheerleader Performance

June 30, 2011

A viral search has begun for the male Chinese cheerleader whose dancing moves caught on video has become the hottest video on Youtube and Youku which is youtube in China. So is this guy hot, I really have no comments about that but Man!!! He sure can dance, check him out. Just want to make clear that the guy in the picture below is not our Chinese Cheerleader it is actually Cris Kattan from SNL, it’s just that he looks hysterically funny, don’t you think??

Male Cheerleader

So long to those animals doing silly, cute things on video that have become the top searched videos on the web or those cute twin baby boys talking to themselves, OH my God scratch that! Those little muffins are way too cute to be forgotten but this vid from China is also getting a lot of attention these days, perhaps more than he ever expected it or wish for???

OK so this guy remains unknown but I am so loving his moves, he even looked fab in his uniform. Not a guy’s uniform we are talking a bra, belly button revealed and all plus daisy dukes, all in sparkling blue and yellow. I know what was he thinking??? He did great though but that part when he does that split, Ouch I mean I still can’t erase Jean Claude Van Damm’s image out of my mind. I can’t see guys doing splits like that! I am going to stop talking about it or I might have to go to therapy, please guys don’t do that, we girls don’t like it!! Or do you?

Back to our man, so after he did the you know what he trips and falls but in a second he was up. Oh Little Garu you are such a Diva!!!! Ok Garu, as in Puka the Asian cartoon, love it!!

This video so far has over 191,742 views on youtube in the United States. I couldn’t find it on Youku but I believe he has tons of views as well, no more delays here it comes our dear Chinese Male cheerleader heating up the floor with his deadly cheers!


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