Kurt Busch & Wife Eva Divorcing

June 30, 2011

Another NASCAR marriage down the tubes… It has been reported that Kurt Busch and his wife Eva are no longer a couple. The two are legally separated and are going through a divorce. Find out what he had to say on the matter below.

Kurt Busch Eva

A divorce is never an easy thing, especially when you live a high profile life, such is the case of NASCAR driver Kurt Busch. Last weekend, Busch was the victor at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, California, and after his win, kissed and hugged a woman who was not his wife. Tongues were wagging, but it was really no surprise, as speculation regarding his marriage to Eva was already fodder among the NASCAR circles since she had not been seen by his side this year.

He said earlier today of his marriage:

“Although we are no longer together and are legally separated, we appreciate privacy in this situation. All I want to say on this is we are going though the process of terminating our marriage, but we are doing it with respect for each other and we’ll always be friends.”

When asked if what was going on in his personal life has affected his performance, he replied, “A lot of things are happening on a personal level. But our performance on the race track is the best way for putting all that aside.”

And who is the woman who gave him a congratulatory kiss and hug following his win last weekend? Her name is Patricia Driscoll, and the 33-year-old blonde beauty heads up the Armed Forces Foundation. It’s not clear how long she and Kurt have allegedly been dating, and she reportedly has been seen around the track the last couple months. They obviously are more than just friends. Allegedly, of course. Maybe she’ll bring more luck to him in the remaining season.

July 27th may be a tough day for Eva and Kurt, as that is the day they went on their first date (2003), got engaged (2005) and later married (2006). There are conflicting reports that suggest that a divorce has yet to be filed by either party and others report that a divorce was filed earlier this month. At any rate, they clearly are no longer a couple.

Readers, weigh in with your thoughts on this topic below. May you all be safe this holiday weekend!

Photos: www.wenn.com/Judy Eddy

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