Tiger Woods’ Return To Golf When 100% Healthy

June 28, 2011

Tiger Woods announcing his retirement? He is not playing his best but retirement, are you serious? Well Tiger is not really retiring but is staying out of any tournaments until he is fully recovered from his leg injury, so no worries there still is Tiger for many years ahead, hopefully he will get back in shape and start winning for a change!

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Tiger Woods leg injuries (Achilles tendon sprain) that got him on crutches and a medical boot sent him out of his own charity tournament in New York, known as the Notah Begay Challenge, the boot however was a precaution and to prevent him from having another surgery on his leg after all he already had four.

The last time Tiger Woods was on the golf course was on May 12th at the Players Championship at Sawgrass just five weeks after he hurt his leg at the Masters. Even though he had played with injuries and possibly in a lot of discomfort, this injury was his Everest and he just couldn’t reach the top, so he has decided that if he wants to go back to golf he will take care of himself, heal and when he gets 100% healthy he will train, play again and regain his place as the best golfer in the world.

This is the statement Tiger released about his decision to stay away from golf and focus on his recovery…

“Usually I set a timetable when I want to come back and play when I’ve had injuries before. This one is different. I’m going to learn my lesson and come back when I’m 100 percent. I don’t know when that’s going to be. That’s the frustrating thing. I wouldn’t go over there (to The Open) just to show up, I’d go over there to win the tournament, so I need to get my body ready.”

Well we send our warm wishes to his ful recovery and wish with all of our hearts to see him back very quickly, Take Care Tiger!!!!

Photos: www.wenn.com

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