Terrell Owens Not Retiring, Ready To Play In August

June 28, 2011

Well the truth comes out! If we do indeed have an NFL season this fall, Terrell Owens will be a part of it. What about the rumored torn ACL and his possible retirement from the game? We’ve got the deets for you right here!

Terrell Owens

According to Owens’ agent, Drew Rosenhaus, he confirmed today that T.O. did have a torn ACL, in his left knee, and he had surgery for the injury back in April. Dr. James Andrews, who performed the surgery on Owens, has said that he feels T.O. would be ready to play in August. What was not confirmed by Rosenhaus was how Owens injured the knee in the first place, but did rule out that it happened while filming his reality show for VH1.

Rumors have been running rampant that the 37-year-old was considering retirement, but Rosenhaus put the kibosh on that rumor, calling the retirement talk ‘nonsense’. He told ESPN:

“He’s many, many months into his recovery now. He’s doing fantastic. He is a legendary healer. He comes back from injury faster than anybody I’ve ever seen.”

Yes, that’s absolutely right. Who can forget his amazing recovery from the sprained ankle he suffered during the Eagles game against the Dallas Cowboys on December 19, 2004? He would be out for several weeks, but with the Eagles Super Bowl bound, he was determined to play in the championship game. To the surprise of many, Owens recovered and got the okay to play in the game against the New England Patriots. He did quite well, despite the injury. The Eagles lost to the Patriots, 24-21.

Let’s say he is able to play come August. How many teams are willing to take a chance on the soon to be 38-year-old? Let’s get this conversation started, folks. I want to know what you think of T.O.’s possible return for a 16th season or if you feel retirement should be on his agenda.

Photos: www.wenn.com/Johnny Louis

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