Who Were the Girls with Ashley Cole at the Night Club? Is He Cheating Already?

June 25, 2011

According to our couple alert report, Ashley Cole was on his way to win his ex-wife’s heart back, as media started talking about a possible reconciliation between him and the stunning Cheryl Cole, so then who the heck were those girls he was seen with at a night club on his boys night out, those girls were hugging him and he wasn’t stopping them is he allegedly cheating already? Keep reading to know more about this and all the latest sports news all over the world!!

Ashley Cole Cheryl Cole

MTV reported that after Cheryl Cole’s mother Joan Callaghan found out she might get back with her ex-husband, soccer player Ashley Cole, she was furious. For her, a cheater is always a cheater, but is she right? Can it be possible for Ashley to change his crazy lifestyle when it comes down to dating women? Or will he allegedly be cheating on Cheryl the first week she moves in? He was recently seen with a blond and a brunette at a club on his night out with some lads. I heard he might be moving to Spain and Cheryl would be following him there.

In other sports news Bumpshack tells us the sad news about the death of CNN sports anchor Nick Charles who lost his long battle with bladder cancer. He was 64.

The Daily Stab showed us the beautiful first picture of baby Willow Sage Hart aka Pink and Carey Hart’s gorgeous baby daughter.

Babeslovesbaseball comes to us with the shocking or surprising news of Washington Nationals coach Jim Riggleman’s resignation, it came out of thin air and with no logical explanation, Wow!

Starpulse showed us a first look of Sports WAG Kim Kardashian as part of the judges in Heidi Klum’s Project Runway, she looked amazing but what is that wardrobe mishap and there are also her undies, Oops!!!

AnythingHollywood comes with another Kardashian and another Sports WAG, this one is Khloe Kardashian who is looking very good, she lost a few pounds and she is sharing the secret of how she did it!

Bitten and Bound tells us the story about former sports WAG Rihanna who used to date Matt Kemp, she is currently on tour in Canada where she fell on stage in the middle of a song, Ouch!

The great guys at RadarOnline showed us the cool pictures of Colombian singer Shakira and her FC Barcelona boyfriend Gerard Pique neither of them can’t take their eyes or lips off each other.

And now back to our Ashley and Cheryl Cole News, so maybe mom Joan Callaghan won’t have to worry about her daughter getting back with Ashley, judging from the pictures taken from his night out with his pals and two girls, a blond and a brunette who were so into Ashley, these girls were putting their arms around him, talking in a very flirty way, he was not encouraging them nor was he allegedly stopping them. Oh Oh he might have blown his chances of getting back with his ex-wife, news comes through Entertainmentwise.

Share your thoughts, comments and additional info about this and/or other sports news you know about. Below you’ll find some of Ashley and Cheryl’s pics as well as a video, hope you enjoy it!

Ashley Cole Cheryl Cole 1Ashley Cole Cheryl Cole 2Ashley Cole Cheryl Cole 3Ashley Cole Cheryl Cole 4

Photos: www.wenn.com/ Daniel Deme, R. Lawrencce, Charlie Pycroft

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