Eva Viteckova Is Jan Vesely’s Girlfriend, Whom He Kissed After Getting Drafted by The Wizards

June 24, 2011

During the NBA draft we see these young talents get all emotional, their parents is a must presence by their sides, the proud moms, shedding tears of pure joy and sometimes there is also the wife, baby mama and the girlfriend who is the first to get a kiss from her new NBA beau. This was the case of the Czech basketball player Jan Vesely and his also basketball girlfriend Eva Viteckova, who was totally ready to kiss and did it right after his name was the 6th man to be called in the 2011 NBA Draft as the Wizard’s newest member.

Jan Vesely

The Wizards scored themselves a super ultra young new player, Jan Vesely from Ostrava, Czech Republic is 6’11”. In some countries like Latin America that converts to 2.11 that really is freaking tall, but for him it is quite normal. He comes from a family of tall athletes his dad was a basketball player, his mom played volleyball, his little sister plays basketball and all of them are insanely tall.

I guess that is a normal height for a Czech player. His stunning girlfriend is Eva Viteckova, another tall basketball player, you see Eva is 6’3” or 1.90. Wow, that is very tall for a woman! She was born in Zdar nad Sazavou, Czech Republic. This 29 year-old girl is by far one of the tallest Czech female basketball players, she is a center by the way and a great one I must say.

So now let’s get into the juicy stuff, I know that you are dying to hear the dirt, it is not that it was a dirty kiss I was just dying to say that, LOL!!! OK so Eva was with her boyfriend Jan at the 2011 NBA draft, she was the girl by his side that received what it seemed like a quick kiss, but it actually wasn’t. Besides I am sure it was full of emotion and happiness.

Jan, a 24 year-old forward who until now used to play with the Partizan Belgrade, chose to say see you later to the NBA Draft last year. The same year he was selected FIBA European Young Player of the Year, but he was so looking forward to his new NBA jersey at the NBA draft. Selected in the 1st round, he was the sixth young man to hear his name being called at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey this evening, he was ecstatic and just like that he pulled an Iker Casillas, a what? Iker, Real Madrid’s goalkeeper, who kissed his reporter girlfriend Sara Maldonado while she was interviewing him after Spain won the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South America, Ahhhhh! That’s right, that guy, so Jan pulled an Iker and kissed his lovely lady Eva Viteckova, and it was an amazing moment and great thing to watch, not in a creepy way but in a romantic way.

No more chit-chat from me, check out that awesome moment when the new Wizards player Jan Vesely was called and celebrated by kissing his girlfriend Eva in the video below!!!

Photos: wikipedia.org/ Zoran Borovac

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