Sports Celebrity of The Week: DWTS Kirstie Alley and her Dramatic Weight Loss!!!

June 21, 2011

Dancing with the Stars showed us some amazing celebrities dancing their way in the dancing floor, Pittsburgh Steelers Hines Ward won the competition but it was Kirstie Alley who has stayed in my mind and heart even to this day, why? her amazing determination to loos weight is impressive, her charismatic and twisted sense of humor has proven she deserves to be our Sports Celebrity of the Week! Check this out!

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She might be 60 but if I get to look just as half as good as Kirstie Alley looks at this age, I can’t wait to get there, she is amazing! But what makes her so awesome?

That is the best question and I am just dying to ask, is not the fact that she was a hot cheerleader at Wichita Southeast High School or the fact that she has been in over 20 great films and great television shows and has two Emmys on her resume, is her charm off the screen that makes her so irresistible, there is not single soul that can’t said how amazing, funny, kind and great person she is not to mention the great dancer she has become. this stunning woman continues her dancing moves even as DWTS is over and she loves it!!!

Kirstie Alley amazing 90 pounds weight loss is amazing, her figure changed Monday after Monday in front of our eyes and as she got slimmer she also got hotter and you know what else Kirstie said that part of her successful weight loss was Organic Liason Kirstie’s own weight loss program which she showed at the Jimmy Fallon show.

Kirstie also said that even thought her weight is great and she looks amazing she still hopes to loos more weight and I can’t wait to see that she will love so stunning and young, Oh God I’m officially jealous but so freaking proud of her, it was great to have her as our sports celebrity of the week!!! Have a look at some of Kirstie Alley dramatic weight loss pictures and video below and don’t forget share your thoughts comments and why not your own personal weight loss stories, routines and diets!!

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