New Couple Alert: Ashley Cole and Cheryl Cole Reunited!

June 20, 2011

This might not be a new couple but the fact that Soccer star Ashley Cole might be getting back together with his stunning Girls Aloud and former X Factor judge and ex-wife Cheryl Cole is pretty great, so what are the facts about Ashley and Cheryl getting back together? Find out!

Cheryl Ashley Cole

So Cheryl Cole who is really Cheryl Tweedy but never got rid of her ex’s last name after their ugly divorce on 2011 was dating U.S dancer Derek Hough that was until the whole X Factor rejection, drama and mess got nastier and Cheryl look for Ashley support, safety and she ended up breaking up with Derek and getting back with Ashley who was seen wearing his wedding band again, just today the Sun reported Cheryl was maybe moving back with him so I wonder do you think we will be hearing wedding bells anytime soon? I hope so!!!

Let’s do a little back in time here and let’s have a look at Ashley and Cheryl Cole’s love story..

So Ashley was playing with Arsenal when he and Cheryl Tweedy started dating on 2004, two years later at the Wrothan Park in Hertfordshire they got married. The trouble for them began on 2008 when the affairs allegations started they remained together but two years later on 2010 more cheating allegations were revealed you might remember that secretary that said Ashley send her some raunchy pictures, racy text what was her name? I think it was Vicki Gough, wasn’t it? after those steamy allegations Cheryl was not about to stand any more alleged affairs so she called it quits, that was in February, 2010 by September their divorced was finalized and they went separate ways and getting involved with other people, well she with Derek and Ashley was rumored to be dating Kayla Collins and Sarah Purnell, whether that was true or not that is finito, sayonara, arrivederchi, adiosito, bye bye because Cheryl and Ashley are getting back together!!!! Yeah!

Have a look at some of Ashley and Cheryl’s pictures while together and the video added below, I hope you enjoy it!

Ashley Cheryl ColeAshley Cheryl Cole 2Ashley Cheryl Cole 3Ashley Cheryl Cole 4Ashley Cheryl Cole 5

Photos: Steve Searle,Will Alexander, Zibi, Tony Clarl, Focus.

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