Shocking Video of The Week: Canucks Fan Fireworks To the Groin

June 20, 2011

The Riots from the Canada’s Canucks fans going on following the tragic loss to the Boston Bruins was a terrible disaster on the street of Vancouver, but this guy probably got the worst going on on his 007. LOL, well a little joke, I heard one when talking about mens intimates and this Canucks fan got a firework exploding on his groin, Ouch!! well more like double ouch! Have a look at this shocking video of the week!!


The unlucky Canucks fan who got his groin on fire, literally on fire I should say remains unidentified, I very much doubt he would like his name on every paper and website all over as the guy who got a firework exploding on his groin, some people might think it is funny, others said is the one of the things that can be expected when getting involved in such events I think is was a very unfortunate thing, not to mention painful

While we have a great view of how this guy got a firework on his groin we have absolutely zero idea of his condition after the sad event, whether he got away unharmed, or if that firework was produced by Lorena Bobbit Inc.. Do you by any chance happen to know anything about any of these questions? Do you know who is this guy or his condition? forget about the Lorena Bobbit joke that was me and my twisted sense of humor or if you are feeling a little frisky humor me with one of your own jokes, LOL!!!

The aftermath after the Canada Riots following the Canucks loss of the Stanley Cup to the Bruins left at least 150 people injured, thousands of cash in damages, and several arrest made by local police I guess the only fans that got away were

Scott Jones and girlfriend Alexandra Thomas also known as the young couple making out in the middle of the street while the whole Canada riots was in progress.

Have a look at our pick for shocking video of this week, the Canucks fan who got a firework on his groin below, share your comments, thoughts and any crazy idea that cross your mind, your own painful experiences are also welcome!!

Fireworks riots

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