German Female Soccer Team On Playboy Cover

June 18, 2011

The stunning German Female soccer team had a very racy question posed to them by Playboy Magazine I guess they said yes because they are baring it all and showing a lot of skin on the German Issue of Playboy. Keep reading to know more about the girls in the flirty pictorial plus find out the latest news in the world of sports.


The Huffington Post brings us the exclusive news about the girls chosen to be on the cover of the German Issue of Playboy Magazine. They are FC Bayern players Annika Dopler (19 years-old), Ivana Rudelic (19 years-old) and Julia Simic (22 years-old). From VfL Wolfsburg comes midfielder Selina Wagner (20 years-old) and Kristina Gessay (20 years-old) from FSV Gütersloh.

F1 Lewis Hamilton’s stunning girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger is looking pretty darn good in these leather boots, news brought to you by College Candy.

It was rumored that Jesse James and Kat Von D called it quits, but Anything Hollywood has the rest of the story if they are still going strong or fading away.

Yesterday we brought you the news about the riots going on in Vancouver after the Canucks’ loss to the Bruins, well we also mentioned the couple making out in the middle of the street, ok so Bumpshack has the pictures of these young lovers kissing surrounded by the infuriated fans.

Do you remember when we showed you a couple alert last week? Hayden and Scotty? Well at that time nothing was 100% certain but TMZ has more photos of them, I guess the couple alert was true and they are getting very close.

Tell me one thing, do you like volleyball players? Who doesn’t? Jumping, playing around in a bikini, well if that is the case, Uncoached has a very attractive selection.

And returning to our German girls from some popular soccer teams and their steamy pictures from the mag, did I mention how these girls compare themselves to other male soccer stars? Well let me tell you, for Selina she is the female version of Mesut Ozil on the field, remember that, LOL!!! Kristina said the she is the female Sami Khedira, Ivana compares herself to Didier Drogba, Julia to Andres Iniesta and Annika to Arjen Robben. So what about their photos? Well you can see them at The Local and we have a flirty video for you below, enjoy!!

Photos: DJDM.

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