Vancouver Riots 2011: Fires Rage As Canucks Lose Stanley Cup

June 16, 2011

Canada’s Canucks lost the Stanley Cup to the Boston Bruins 4-0 and the Canadian fans didn’t take it very well, they went to the street and started one of the worst riots in Canada’s history, which is why we have chosen the Canadians’ infuriated fans rage in the street after the Canucks’ loss one of our shocking videos of the week!!! Have a look.

Stanley Cup

Millions of infuriated Canadian hockey fans went to the street and released their fury, beer bottles flew into the air and onto TV screens, trash cans set on fire, young fans breaking windows, flipping cars over, I mean these guys were 100% rage and adrenaline. Witnesses said some cars were getting flipped over by two young men??? Some cars were seen in flames, and these fans armed themselves with firecrackers whiled police got ready to stop the riot going on the streets.

Police set up barrages of staccato explosions, flames and made some arrests. Many watched a young couple kissing in the middle of the street while the whole riot was going on around them, wait a second, what???? Yes I know I thought the same thing when I saw this couple getting it on in the middle of the street, police on one side and the fans on the others and they were not standing there kissing they were lying on the street making out!!!

Fans flipped a car out front of the post office on Georgia Street and turned over another truck nearby after the Canucks were trounced 4-0 in the final game. Another car was set on fire.

Other angry fans held signs reading “Riot 2011″ and burned homemade Stanley Cups as the pandemonium spread through the downtown core. Some rioters flipped portable toilets, and there were early reports of head injuries as fist fights broke out throughout the downtown area.

Riots after a hockey game in Canada is not something new. Back in 1994 there was another riot, following the Canucks vs. the New York Rangers game. That time NY won 4-3, I added that video for you too below.

OK, so no more of me talking, the time for you to check out this shocking video has come, have a look, share your thoughts, comments and any additional information you can provide about any updates about this event will be very helpful.

RiotsStreet Riots

Photos: Carrie Devorah, News Pictures

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