Video: Ben Crane, Bubba Watson, Rickie Fowler, Hunter Mahan Sing ‘Oh Oh Oh’

June 16, 2011

Some of the most famous American golfers on the PGA tour have teamed up to make a hilarious music video! Ben Crane, Bubba Watson, Rickie Fowler and Hunter Mahan can be seen wearing the most funny outfits as they sing the single ‘Oh, Oh Oh’ and believe me this video is a must see, check it out!!

Rickie Fowler 1 2

I bet never in the minds of these PGA golfers would they have thought about dressing in these clothes, even less to wear them as they sing and perform in a music video. Well that might be the case but even so they did it and I am so glad they did because I couldn’t stop laughing as I watched it!

I could picture young Rickie Fowler dressing in these clothes for a Halloween part, the guy is young and well we all have been that age, but watching Bubba Watson dressed like a farmer with denim overalls, ankle length, was way too funny for me! Add to that is watching Hunter Mahan and Crane joining them dressing up, mopping, and doing some N’Sync dance moves is beyond my twisted imagination.

Maybe some of you have already seen them singing Oh, Oh, Oh since the video was presented by Farmers Insurance. It was first released on Tuesday on the Golf Channel but perhaps you didn’t know the real cause behind it. It wasn’t just to be funny, or to show that these guys can be fashionable in a very flamboyant way but the truth is that for every 100,000 views Farmers Insurance and Ben Crane will donate $1,000 to the charities they support, so my advice is watch it as many times as you like, share it with friends and while you laugh watching it you will be putting food, clothes and a smile on a less fortunate one. Watch the music video below, share your comments and most importantly share it with the most people you can possibly can!!!


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