Wayne Rooney Singing Karaoke! See the Photo and Video!

June 13, 2011

Wayne Rooney was our Celebrity of the Week, his famous #Hairwego Trend was awesome and the fact that he shared his hair transplant news and pictures, what a real cool thing of him. Today his stunning wife Coleen posted a pic of Wayne singing Karaoke and the video of him singing has been released, I wonder will Wayne have a future in music or is he just getting close to being our Celebrity of the Week two weeks in a row? Who knows, but the vid of Rooney’s karaoke singing is amazing and you must check that out!!!

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We all know that Wayne Rooney and his beautiful family are having a great time in Barbados, first we had the opportunity to see him enjoying the pool with son Kai, but the sun? Not so much, he should stay away from the sun until his head is completely healed but Coleen is getting a beautiful tan and well baby boy Kai is looking cuter each day!!!

Last week Mrs. Rooney posted a picture of her hubby enjoying some karaoke singing at a local nightclub and added that her hubby was doing some Beatles mix, well you can see our dear Wayne above while he tweeted this..

Having a great night in Barbados! In lexys piano bar with @ColeenRoo and friends.Been on the mic for about 7 songs and felt like a rock star.

I am sure he did feel like a rock star, join the club Wayne we are all rock stars when it comes to singing karaoke. Well he must feel more like a Rock star with his new hair, it is short right now but when that baby grows I can picture him banging his head, LOL!!!

Well the cool guys at the Sun.co.uk posted some hilarious Wayne Rooney top 10 track such as… Hair-Itek Skelter, Hair, There and Everywhere, Here Combs the Sun, Comb Together, No-Hair Man, Love Me Hairdo among other funny names, Good job on that but so much better for posting the Video of Wayne singing Karaoke, so let’s waste no more time and check that out, remember you are welcome to leave your comments and thoughts in the box below.

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