New Couple Alert: Scotty McKnight and Hayden Panettiere Dating??

June 9, 2011

Is there a new couple in the NFL that we don’t know about? Rumor has it there is and the new alleged lovers are Hayden Panettiere and New York Jets player Scotty McKnight. Keep reading to know the rest of this story and whether or not you think these two hotties are dating!!

Hayden Panettiere 1

So Heroes actress Hayden Panettiere and Wladimir Klitschko split up last month, soon rumors about Hayden dating New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez began but Mark told TMZ he was not dating Hayden and she said the same, adding that she became great friends with Mark and his buddies. So that is a closed chapter or maybe not it could be that Mark and Hayden didn’t tell us the whole story but she might have given us a hint on who she might be getting close to, because today TooFab posted interesting pictures of her and NY Jets player Scotty McKnight, who is not only Mark’s teammate but best friend. These two have known each other since both were children, so I wonder did Mark set things up for Scotty and Hayden? Maybe he did maybe he didn’t it, but the important question here is if Hayden and McKnight are or aren’t dating, because I have to tell you this guy’s height is perfect for her not too high not the same but Perfect!!

What are the facts between them, Ok so 23 year-old Scotty stands at 5’11” while 21 year-old Hayden is 5’2″. They were spotted on May 20th having lunch at a Los Angeles restaurant called Mel’s Diner, both were seen smiling, looking very comfortable with each others company and on their way out he had his hands on her shoulders. While some in the media claim he was rubbing her shoulders I think that he was just playfully walking while he had his hands on Hayden’s shoulders.

So is this fact enough to say, confirm and shout out to the world Hayden Panettiere still is a Sports WAG!! Well I really want her to be, but I think we should wait and see how things turn out in time. We really don’t want to go through another disappointment and find out that like Mark, Scotty is not dating her, but I hope they are dating, let’s face it they look smoking hot together!! Don’t you agree with me?

Ok so while that happens take a look at the Scotty and Hayden dating news video provided below and don’t worry we will keep you posted about who is Scotty’s new girlfriend and whether that girl is really Hayden or not!

Hayden Panettiere 1 2

Photos: Dan Jackman, Josiah True

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