Marie Tillman: Pat Tillman’s Wife

April 15, 2008

Meet Marie Tillman, the wife of the late Arizona Cardinal turned Army Ranger Pat Tillman. See photos and a biography of Marie below.

Marie sat down with the Arizona Republic for her first ever interview since the death of her husband, Pat Tillman, in 2004. She has come forth now to speak of the Pat Tillman Foundation and to talk about how Pat has had an impact on people the last four years since his death.

“I needed some time to be under the radar and to deal with things the way I needed to deal with them. And the work that I have been doing with the foundation from the beginning has been helpful in that process. It’s something that has been important to me.”

She has stayed out of the public eye for the most part, only to come out and speak briefly when Pat’s jersey was retired by the Cardinals. She is hoping that by coming out now here and there it will raise awareness for the Pat Tillman Foundation and what it stands for, rather than herself.

This Saturday is the 3rd annual Pat’s Run in Tempe, Arizona. Proceeds benefit the Leadership Through Action program at Arizona State University, which the Pat Tillman Foundation sponsors. They are hoping to top last year’s record of 15,000 runners/walkers. Soldiers will have their own “Pat’s Run” in Afghanistan as well, read the story here.

As a biography, Marie Tillman is 31 years old. She and Pat were high school sweethearts while at Leland High School in San Jose. They went on to different colleges – Pat at ASU and Marie attended University of California-Santa Barbara.

She moved to Arizona when Pat started playing with the Cardinals and they married right before Pat joined the Army in 2002.

At one time, Marie was a producer for ESPN. She currently is the Chairwoman of the Pat Tillman Foundation.

See more photos of Marie Tillman below.

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    Dialtone Says:

    I was attracted to this site because of the story linked from about Charles Tillman’s daughter, then Pat Tillman’s wife. But, the obnoxious Axe ads, then the surprise NY Islanders post-game show made the site irritating. You get caught up in this loop of Axe ads and that same Islanders video. To view the pics one has to hear that Islanders video or Axe ad again, and again! It does not encourage me to return, regardless of the story.
    My suggestion is to somehow allow one view of the ad, then allow a visitor to select the Islander video if he/she wants.