Sports Celebrity of the Week: Wayne Rooney and His Hair Transplant Picture!!

June 6, 2011

We at Righfielders have chosen Manchester United’s amazing player Wayne Rooney as our Sports Celebrity of the Week, not only is he a great soccer star, he has proven to be a great lad, he has shared the most intimate moments of his life with his millions of friends, fans and twitter followers when he released the news about his hair transplant. Let’s face it, not every guy would share that, but Wayne did so you would want to see his new hair pictures after the transplant plus the latest details about that story, coming up!!!

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As promised Wayne Rooney has tweeted a picture of his head after the hair transplant, which by the ways looks totally amazing, just like amazing was the trend Wayne started last week remember the #hairwego? It started when he informed his twitter followers about the two day hair transplant treatment he got to get rid of the baldy look he has been sporting these years. The look added way too many years from the real 25 he is.

I have been watching Wayne’s tweets very closely these days and had just the best time watching him re tweeting his followers’ requests, constant tweets about his hair certainly the #hairwego is always there and also saw the tweets he and teammate and great friend Rio Ferdinand exchanged.. from Rio’s request to Wayne for pictures of his new hair, to his impressions on it, hoping to see Rooney with Hair extensions or using styling products ala Ronaldo that last one was hilarious!!!! Check those out!!!

First Wayne tweeted about his hair transplant and his pal sent this…..

rioferdy5 Rio Ferdinand
@WayneRooney just don’t go down the wearing a alice band route!! You’ll be doing head&shoulders adverts soon! Hope its gone ok Good luck lad

The response was overwhelming from all over the world – China, Colombia, the U.S., Central America, etc. then Wayne tweeted this:

Wayne Rooney
My head is bruised still. I promise u all I will send a pic on Monday morning when bruising goes. #hairwego

On Monday Wayne sent this:
Hi all there’s my head. It will take a few months to grow. Still a bit bloody to. But that’s all normal. #hairwego

And Rio responded with this:
@WayneRooney looks like you got a shape up, looks decent. I was expecting a full head a hair + extensions etc!? can’t wait to see you in the mirror after training styling your locks with loads a products ala ronaldo!

Wayne Rooney
@rioferdy5 haha few months until that. Rizzle

LOL!!! See I told you it was funny!!! It was amazing to see Wayne Rooney after in the hair transplant picture. We hope for a full recovery and maybe more pictures to come? Why not? We’d love those!! Especially from our Sports Lad of the Week!!!! Send your comments, and even messages to Wayne and enjoy the video below.

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2 Responses to “Sports Celebrity of the Week: Wayne Rooney and His Hair Transplant Picture!!”

  1. 1
    celebrity hair transplant Says:

    i am really happy to know about Wayne Rooney to restoring his hairs…

  2. 2
    Miriam Says:

    I know I am so happy for him too