Natasha Giggs: Ryan Giggs Sister-in-Law and Alleged Mistress #2?

June 5, 2011

Prepare yourselves for more shocking news about Manchester United’s Ryan Giggs. The alleged Imogen Thomas Affair was not the only alleged cheating he did. According to British papers, Giggs had an alleged affair for 8 years with his sister in-law Natasha Giggs, who is his younger brother Rhodri’s wife, Oh! Oh! Keep reading to know moire about that story and other latest sports news below.

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According to Marie Claire Ryan Giggs kept in secrecy an alleged affair with Natasha Giggs for eight years, Natasha as you might know is Ryan’s young brother Rhodri’s wife and mother of their son, Natasha’s stepfather spoke to the media and said the affair that ended last April became public by the hand of Ms. Giggs because she felt betrayed with the Imogen Thomas affair, so she revealed the whole thing.

Moving on to more news… Last night the 2011 MTV Movie Awards took place, the host was Jason Sudeikis who enjoyed the night making jokes about the celebs there but we all know the worst was on Selena Gomez poor girl, but we were so glad to see former Dancing With The Stars contestant Chelsea Kane. She walked the red carpet with her boyfriend, Laguna Beach star Stephen Coletti, this news and their picture comes to you by Bumpshack.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has not only a supermodel wife, Gisele Bundchen is on her way of becoming the first billionaire supermodel in the fashion industry, the story can be found at the Blemish.

Plaxico Burress is a free man after serving 22 months in jail for a guns violation charge that took place in 2009 at a club in New york, where he also shot himself by accident. TMZ has the exclusive photos of the emotional moment of his release.

The NBA finals has two surprises this year the Miami Heat and the Dallas Mavericks, who of these two teams will be crowned champions? From what we have seen in their last game, Miami is moving forward to win the championship, can they do it? The phenomenal guys at Huffington Post has more details about their last game and the awesome video you mostly definitely should check out!!

We all know Kris Humphries is now known as a big spender, well the guy allegedly spend two big fat million dollars on the engagement ring he gave to his girlfriend Kim Kardashian, Question for you Do you think Kim and Kris should sign a pre-nup? The Daily Stab has that story.

Ashley Cole’s ex wife Cheryl was the judge in X-Factor then it was announced that allegedly Simon took her out, she was so devastated by the news that even though she and DWTS dancer Derek Hough are dating Cheryl allegedly turned to Ashley for support. Today’s news is that Ashley has been seen wearing his wedding band again and Derek totally dumped Cheryl who after all the drama is back on the X-Factor so all worked out pretty well for everybody well except for Derek, sorry about that, you can see Ashley wearing his wedding band at the Metro.

Newlyweds Tony Romo and Candice Crawford are enjoying their honeymoon in Mexico and Radar Online has some amazing, exclusive pictures of that check that out!!

And now back to our shameful story about Ryan Giggs’ alleged affair with his Bro’s wife Natasha who has already been dumped by Rhodri who looks weary and devastated with the betrayal. On the other hand Ryan is facing drop outs by some of his sponsors and maybe even from his wife Stacey who might reconsider divorce papers now. Find out more about this over at Sports Illustrated.

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Photos: Dominic Chan, Steve Searle, Daniel Deme.

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