Estella Warren’s Charges Of Felony Escape Dropped On a Technicality

May 30, 2011

Well, what a lucky break for the supermodel! Estella Warren’s charges of felony escape have been dropped, all because of a technicality. Don’t remember the whole story? It’s like a scene out of a movie, seriously. No worries, we’ve got all the details here!

Estella Warren

Okay, let me catch you up to speed as to what went down last week. The former synchronized swimmer turned model turned actress was arrested for a DUI last Monday. Girlfriend had allegedly hit three parked cars but left the scene of the crime. It wasn’t long before police caught up to her, and found her to be under the influence of alcohol. According to a rep for the L.A. Sheriff’s Department, he said that she was ‘uncooperative and demanding’.

Warren allegedly kicked an officer and wriggled her way out of her handcuffs and attempted to escape. The rep added, “She removed her handcuffs and fled the police station. She was captured and transported back.”

After the fiasco, she was formally charged with DUI, hit and run and felony escape. Her bail was set at $100,000.

Okay, so fast forward to today’s news. That technicality that I talked about earlier? According to TMZ, Estella Warren’s charges of felony escape have been dropped because the police hadn’t yet booked the Canadian actress when she allegedly tried to bolt. So that my friends is the technicality – she didn’t really do the escaping because she wasn’t in the system yet. Oh brother. Really? Um, does being a celebrity have anything to do with her FELONY charges getting dropped? If this scenario played out with just your normal Joe Schmoe, would the same happen to him? No, it wouldn’t. Just sayin’.

Bottom line – don’t drive under the influence. It’s as simple as that. I don’t care if you’re a celebrity or not, no one is invincible when getting behind the wheel after having a few too many. Warren is lucky that no one was hurt.

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