Shocking Video of the Week: Buster Posey’s Injury after collision with Scott Cousins

May 28, 2011

Watch the gruesome injury that San Francisco Giants catcher Buster Posey received that gained him a spot as this week’s shocking video of the week, he suffered a broken leg when he collided with Marlins’ Scott Cousins. Have a look at that video and share your comments with us!

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I wonder why almost every time we think about Shocking sports videos of the week, there are gruesome injuries involved that just make us sick to the stomach but somehow these have the ability to call our attention like bees to honey. Once again we bring to you poor Buster Posey’s left leg injury that occurred in the Giants game vs. the Marlins.

24 year-old Posey from Leesburg, Georgia might be out the rest of the season after he suffered that terrible injury, he was named the 2010 National League Rookie of the Year. Buster became a Giant in August of 2008 but did not make his debut until September 2009 just 5 months after he got married to his wife Kristin his high school sweetheart who is expecting their twins this year.

Buster’s lower leg injury occurred on May 25th against the Florida Marlins, during the 12th inning of the game when Scott Cousins was heading to the plate where Buster was expecting him, Cousins slid with such force that the collision was brutal, as you will witness in the video below, it wasn’t the collision but the way he was standing on his knees. When the impact hit him it threw him with such force and his leg took the toll.

He was rushed to the hospital where an MRI was taken and later revealed that Posey broke his left fibula, as well as there were some ligaments on his ankle that were torn. It was rumored that he will have surgery in the future. While that was not confirmed it was however said that Buster will be out the rest of the season. So Sad!!

We at RightFielders send him our warmest wishes on his full recovery, we will keep praying for him. Would you like to send him a message, you can do that in the comments box below but before you do that have a closer look at some of his photos and his injury video here!!!

Buster Posey

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