Ryan Giggs Identified as Premier League Player in Imogen Thomas’ Alleged Affair

May 24, 2011

After trying to protect his identity with a gag order against Imogen Thomas, the name of the Premier league star has been revealed, it is Manchester United’s Ryan Giggs, husband of Mrs Stacey Cooke and father of two gorgeous children. Keep reading to know all the details behind this latest soccer scandal.

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Last April we found out Big Brother star and model Imogen Thomas was allegedly involved with Cristiano Ronaldo, but we also heard about a gag order by an unnamed Premier league player with whom Imogen had an alleged affair, this man is a family man so he was trying to protect his identity at all costs. Imogen was devastated that she couldn’t get the money to protect her name from being revealed.

Next thing we heard was that Ryan’s name had been leaked on Twitter, his lawyers said they would take action, but at that time his name was a viral tweet among the world and not just celebs. Here is an example:

“Everyone on Twitter is queuing up to name that footballer.” A typical tweet is: “XXX to sue Twitter. Can’t Imogen why.”

So here we are, after so many ugly rumors and the annoying he said, she said surrounding those disgusting and confusing allegations, the over 75,000 twitter users that kept saying his name, mocking for spending money and time on lawyers and a restriction order that failed to protect his identity was a viral tweet these past days. The worst part of this shady news is that the Manchester United game vs. Barcelona is upon us and it might affect his performance, I guess that is the least important but the very worse is that three innocent people were the most affected and hurt, Giggs’ family.

Today, a day later after Giggs, Stacey and their family’s joyous day, tragedy is upon them as his name has been released and identified as the premier league player with whom Imogen Thomas allegedly had an affair with. MP John Hemming in the House of Commons said that after all that frenzy mentioning of his name on Twitter in relation to the alleged affair with Thomas, due to that fact that even if legally they weren’t suppose to say anything it is also impossible to imprison them all.

What do you think of this news? Do you think it was impossible to keep his name in secrecy for much longer? Do you think his wife Stacey Cooke will file for divorce? Do you think Imogen Thomas will become even more famous for this shameful scandal?

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Photos: www.wenn.com/ Steve Searle, Will Alexander, Daniel Deme

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