Anna Kournikova: Biggest Loser’s Newest Trainer Replaces Jillian Michaels

May 22, 2011

The tennis hottie has a new job! The recent rumor of Anna Kournikova’s Biggest Loser gig reportedly will formally be announced during the finale on Tuesday.

Anna Kournikova

While it’s been known that Jillian Michaels would not be returning to the popular weight loss reality show next season so that she can ‘focus on family’, the rumors are circulating that the gorgeous Russian tennis player is slated to be her replacement.

TBL scores some big points nabbing the blonde beauty. We have already heard that Cara Castronuova and Brett Hoebel are confirmed as the other two new trainers for next season. Readers, what do you think of Cara and Brett? I’m not a big fan of Cara. I’ve tried, but I just haven’t been able to warm up to her. As for Brett — I knew of him because of his Beachbody fitness program, Rev Abs. We didn’t get to see much of his personality, which is a shame. You know who they should have gotten as one of the new trainers? Tony Horton — the mastermind behind Power 90 and P90X. If you’ve done these workouts, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. ;)

So back to Anna Kournikova. Biggest Loser has had the 29-year-old on the show before, in Season 10 to be exact, when she showed the contestants some moves on…wait for it…the tennis court. Remember that?

I have to raise the question though, is Kournikova trainer material? What kind of experience does she have? While she’s been retired from the tennis circuit for quite a few years now, she has been a marathon and triathlon competitor. But really, is she even a certified trainer?

With the loss of Jillian, I’m guessing the franchise needed someone who would attract the viewers. They certainly found it in Anna, and it will be interesting to see how she does next season.

I want to know what you think! Leave me your comments below.

Anna Kournikova Anna Kournikova Anna Kournikova Anna Kournikova Anna Kournikova

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5 Responses to “Anna Kournikova: Biggest Loser’s Newest Trainer Replaces Jillian Michaels”

  1. 1
    Elaine Says:

    Don’t like Cara at all. Can’t imagine an effective replacement for Jillian, but we will see.

  2. 2
    diane Says:

    Don’t like Cara one single bit. They should replace her

  3. 3
    Dawn S Says:

    Anna as a trainer……LAME, Cara is no better either

  4. 4
    Kelly Says:

    Can’t stand Cara. We will see how long she lasts.

    As fo Anna replacing Jillian…not going for it. I fear this show isn’t going to last much longer.

  5. 5
    Glenda Says:

    Are you kidding me? Anna as a trainer? Do you really think she will relate to the contestants? I don’t, just a pretty face who has no credibillity in this arena. Why didn’t Biggest Loser find an actual trainer or better yet why not go back to former contestants that are trainers now and offer them the job? At least they have been through what the contestants are going through since they have been there. To me that just makes sense.
    If I remember correctly, no one liked Jillian in the beginning either. Maybe the camera crews and editors should look at how they are portraying Cara and Brett.

    I have a feeling we are going to be seeing a lot of Anna next season, looking good and probably having everyone play tennis….LAME!!!!

    I must say, this choice makes me very disappointed in The Biggest Loser. I thought you were better than that!