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May 20, 2011

This week is full of amazing, ridiculous and funny moments in sports, from Chad Ochocinco and his cinco seconds on a bull to Luol Deng’s insane buzzer beater and so many more amazing moments! We have selected our top 5 sports videos of this week, remember this game consists of you voting for your top sports video of the week and if more readers agree with your pick your video will make it into our Top videos of the month, so let’s begin!!!

Great sports Moments

Top Video #1
Starting with our dear friend Chad Ochocinco and his versatile career in sports he is a fab football player, he tried his abilities in soccer and now it is bull riding where he had his cinco segundos of glory. It has been by far the fastest of all his stay in shape attempts during the lockdown, still pretty funny though, so have a look at Chad Ochocinco’s, cinco segundos on that bull.

Top Video #2
Some people think that Cristiano Ronaldo throws amazing free kicks, well I think those are powerful shots but when it comes to the most awesome, spectacular free kicks I say, “Nobody can’t bend it like Beckham”. Take a look at this to prove my point, his goal set the score 4-1 against Sporting KC.

Top Video #3
Oh Kevin Durant what a great and sweet name to my ears that is and his dunks are just the most sensational my pretty eyes have seen recently! Well that and Pretty Boy Pitt in Cannes, Ok I am getting off track, sorry about that…allow me to rephrase that I meant Sports Illustrated model Bar Rafaeli, so returning to Durant here is his phenomenal dunk video.

Top Video #4
This is one of my personal favorites, we are having quite a time in the NBA and so far it all comes down with the Bulls and the Miami Heat, Derrick Rose has been a popular name these days and when it comes to teamwork Taj Gibson is their Man!! Check out their amazing example of what teamwork is supposed to be!

Top Video #5
This video is pretty awesome again in the NBA where great things are happening and where buzzer beaters are always the coolest moments ever, so here it is… Luol Deng’s buzzer beater when there were only 28 seconds left on the clock.

And now the moment for you to cast your vote, which of these great sports videos should be the top one?


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