Shocking Video of the Week: DWTS Kym Johnson’s Neck Injury

May 18, 2011

Last Friday Australian professional ballroom dancer Kym Johnson was rushed to the hospital in a stretcher and wearing a neck brace, so far we knew that during her Dancing With The Stars rehearsal with Pittsburgh Steelers player Hines Ward she suffered a terrible neck injury. On Monday we had the opportunity to see what had happened to Kym that sent her to the hospital and Kym Johnson’s gruesome neck injury is our shocking Sports Video of this week!

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So as you all know Steelers Hines Ward is dancing pretty awesome with his professional dancer Kym Johnson. This past Monday they received a prefect score twice, that right 10+10+10 for Hines and Kym, they were among two other celebrity couples like Chelsea Kane and Kirstie Alley to advance to the semi finals where they will enlighten our eyes and give us a hard time to decide who will we be giving or votes to but before that we saw an emotional Hines shedding tears as he and Kym finished their first dance the Argentine Tango. He was truly grateful for Kym’s recovery and how well they danced. So how bad was Ms. Johnson’s injury?

I have to say that it was pretty bad and awfully shocking, so by watching their rehearsal minutes before the terrible incident, Kym and Hines were practicing some new maneuvers that included her flipping over while Hines did the same over her or something like that, but by the time they tried that bizarre maneuver Kym was holding all of her weight and Hines’ weight on her tiny neck, the moment was awful.

She was lying in the floor with excruciating pain and wasn’t able to feel her arms, that must have been a very scary moment, them we saw her on a stretcher and on the way to the hospital. Hines later tweeted about what happened and saying Kym was recovering, minutes later it was her who went to twitter, she was thanking everybody for their warm wishes and media reported she would be ready for Monday’s competition.

She sure was ready, looking stunning as usual and dancing like a goddess, her perfect score with Hines was given because they gave some of the best dances in this 12th season so far!! We are thankful she is OK bu Kym’s neck injury video was an Ouch!!! Big time!

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Photos: Tony Forte, Fayes Vision

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