Shocking Video of The Week: Real Salt Lake Javier Morales’ Broken Leg vs. Chivas!

May 12, 2011

Broken limbs in Sports are always shocking images that make us sick to our stomach, Javier Morales’ broken leg against Chivas is one of those gruesome images that we can’t see but just hold on the temptation to take a quick look. So here goes, Javier’s broken leg is our Shocking video of this week!


I think you can all agree with me about the gruesome images where athletes suffer terrible injuries and their arms, legs or whatever breaks in such a way that becomes an image way too shocking to see. Like remember the one we saw on Rajon Rondo last Saturday? Amazing as it sounds he managed to get back in the game, became his fellow teammates’ inspiration and ended up beating the Heat. Poor Javier didn’t have the same luck, his injury was way more substantial and he might not be on the field for quite some time.

31 year old Argentinean player Javier Morales has been playing with MLS Real Salt Lake since 2007, some of his previous teams include Arsenal, Lanus and Newell’s Old Boys where Barcelona’s Lionel Messi also played in his youth years before moving to Spain.

Javier re-signed with Salt Lake in 2009 he will stay with Real until 2012, so far #11 hasn’t suffered any significant injuries until this Friday May 7th, 2011 when this shocking video showed us how his ankle was twisted and ended up in an abnormal position. You can see in his face the amount of pain he was going through.

The player who he bumped into was fellow Argentinean player Marcos Mondani who plays with Chivas USA, the team who borrowed him this year from Uruguay’s first division soccer club Centro Atlético Fénix. Marco received a red card after the ugly tackle on Morales.

It was revealed that Javier suffered an ankle injury and two broken bones and will have surgery in the next following days, but the worst part is that he will be out off the field for approximately 5 months. The disciplinary MLS Board of Directives gave Marco a 4 game suspension ban. So after all this talking we bring to you our Shocking Video of the week…Javier Morales’ broken leg in their game against Chivas USA.

Photos: Vince Maher

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