Karen Blalock: Shane ‘The Hurricane’ Helms’ Girlfriend

May 11, 2011

Meet Karen Blalock, she is former WWE Shane Helms’ girlfriend and who was involved in a terrible motorcycle accident with him. The same accident police are investigating due to a DUI suspicion. What does Karen have to say about that? What else do we know about her?

Karen Blalock

Karen Blalock is from Willow Springs, North Carolina and lives now in Raleigh, North Carolina, the natal city of her boyfriend Shane Helms. She was riding his motorcycle last Thursday when they were involved in a terrible accident that sent them to the hospital in Raleigh where they were treated with serious injuries but are in stable condition.

It was reported that Shane suffered a broken jaw, ankle, nose, leg and needed over 200 stitches while Karen broke her neck, luckily she didn’t suffer any injuries to her spine. A picture of them with bruises and cuts on their faces was released 4 days later.

Thank God they are on their way to a full recovery. In his case, witnesses said he left a restaurant with Blalock on his bike around 9:00 p.m. He came to a red light losing control of the bike and finally landing on a metal link fence. According to TMZ a blood sample was taken by the time he arrived at the hospital but the results might take some time, for the moment no charges against him have been made.

What do we know about the Hurricane’s stunning girlfriend Karen Blalock? Well sadly there isn’t much and to be honest guys if the Karen I found from Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina is our girl then she is a 22 year-old whose full name is Melissa Karen Blalock a computer software professional who once worked at SoftPro as an Implementation Manager in Training Services and that’s it! If you know anything about her, please let us know! I know it sucks but I am sure after this we will be hearing much of her. In the meantime check out her photo and a very interesting video we found for you.

Karen Blalock 1

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