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May 11, 2011

This month we will be seeing a lot of playoff videos, certainly this our first week of the top sports videos of the week we found some amazing videos so let’s see who made it to the top 5!

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Top Video #1
In case you thought there can’t be any awesome moments in ping pong, I will prove you wrong. Check out Swedish ping pong players Mattias Oversjo and fellow Swedish player Jörgen Persson, when you think this game couldn’t get any more nerve racking and Mattias was just about to lose a point, he goes there and pulls out this crazy no-look hit, check that out!

Top Video #2

The Lakers couldn’t win any games against the Mavericks, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t see amazing performances by these guys, check out this insane dunk by Dallas Mavericks #6 Tyson Chandler.

Top Video #3

Last week at the Southern 500 Kyle Bush and Kevin Harvick had a weird, then ridiculous confrontation, apparently they had contact right before getting into the pits and Kevin didn’t like that at all, so he got out of his car and poked Kyle. Poke? What are they girls? Well no but that’s all Kevin had time to do to Kyle after Harvick’s car continued to run without him and ended up in a wall.

Top Video #4

During the NHL Playoffs we saw the amazing goal from 41 year old Red Wings captain Nicklas Lidstrom, hey he might be a little bit older than the rest of the guys but he knows his stuff, no wonder he is captain and one of the best players in the NHL.

Top Video #5

The Miami Heat just won game #4 against the Boston Celtics, leading the series 3-1. During game #1 Miami won 99-90 over Boston and it was during this game that Dwayne Wade paid an expected visit to the spectators in the stands, you’ll find although it was well received they were eager to see Wade leave, LOL!

And now the moment where you cast your vote. Which of these 5 sports videos do you think is tops for the week that will be included in our top 3 sports videos of the month?

Photos: Jeff Daly

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