Video of Hines Ward Handcuffed at Gunpoint

May 7, 2011

This week we heard abut Hines Ward getting handcuffed at gunpoint, well today we have the video that will show you second after second of his mistaken near arrest, plus check out the latest sporting news all in the story below.

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Pittsburgh Steelers player Hines Ward, who is also a strong contestant on the 12th season of Dancing with The Stars with professional ballroom dancer Kym Johnson was involved in an incident with the police, LA Times Blog reported he was handcuffed at gunpoint, after the car he and his female friend were in was reported as stolen. Hines remained calm and cooperative during the entire thing at the end it turned out the car was indeed reported stolen by its owner who is also Hines friend with whom he was arrested, after the confusion the police extended an apology.

The Big Lead comes to us with the news or rumor that after Dwight Howard lost to the Hawks he might be getting ready to sing at Disney World in 2012?

The Huffington Post has the exclusive news about the Lakers’ most dangerous rival that might take them out of the playoffs, not Osama of course that would be silly, but Dirk Nowitzki from the Mavericks!!

Anything Hollywood comes to us with a very intriguing question, apparently the attention that is on Lamar Odom’s life due to his reality show has become too overwhelming for him, so is he getting out of the television show?

Radar Online has the exclusive report about former sports WAG Hope Dworacyzk talking about what she really thinks about Dionne Warwick and it ain’t nice!

PopEater tells us that Ted Williams, also known as Golden Voice, is once again going back to rehab, Good Luck Ted!!

Just Jared tells us that former Pussycat Bolls and F1 WAG Nicole Scherzinger is a co host at X-Factor, we recently found out that former WAG Ashley Cole’s ex wife Cheryl Cole is also on the show.

And now back to our story about Hines Ward being handcuffed at gunpoint, the exclusive video of the moment he and his friend were pulled out by the police has been released, by no other than our dearest friends at TMZ!

Share your thoughts about the stories you have seen and don’t forget to watch the video of Hines below.

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Photos: Ad Media, Judy Eddy, Tony Forte, Nikki Nelson

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