Rosie Napravnik: Female Jockey at Kentucky Derby

May 7, 2011

Meet the only female Jockey at the 137th Kentucky Derby that you definitely should keep your eyes on, she is talented, fearless and stunning, her name is Rosie Napravnik and we can tell you a few things about her so keep reading!

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23 year old Anna Napravnik is from Morristown, New Jersey and is the only woman jockey at the 2011 Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs, Louisville, Kentucky, but not the first. As a matter of fact she is the sixth woman to compete at a Kentucky Derby, others have been Rosemary Homeister who placed 13th at the 2003 Derby, other memorable female jockeys have been Julie Krone who ended up 11th at the 1995 Derby, Andrea Seefeldt 16th in 1991, Patricia Cooksey 11th in 1984 and the first woman to compete was Diane Crump at the 1970 Derby, she placed 15th. As you can see none of these 5 women has won a Derby before and that puts Rosie in the eye of the hurricane, would she be the first female jockey to win a Derby? That sure is her goal.

“I’m going to try to become the first woman to win the Triple Crown,” she says. “That’s what I said I was going to do at 7 years old.”

Anna Rose Napravik is the younger child in her family all grew up near horses. Her mother trains event horses and her dad is a farrier in Maryland. She was riding early, racing ponies just five years later and look at her now, this stunning 111 pound, 5’2” redhead is on fire just like the horse she is riding, Pants on Fire, trained by Kelly Breen and owned by Kelly Breen. Rosie and Pants on Fire recently won the Louisiana Derby in March.

In her rookie years with the big guys, Rosie Napravnik won over 300 races, today she holds a record of over 1000 races that she won, she is a tough one and like other jockeys she is not injury-free. In 2005 she broke her collarbone, a year later she was a runner-up for the Eclipse Award (Outstanding Apprentice Jockey), in 2007 she suffered a spinal fracture and a broken wrist, a broken shin a year after that.

And just in case you are wondering if this busy, gorgeous female jockey is available? I will have to disappoint you, break your heart and tell you she is not, she has a boyfriend to whom she is engaged to, this lucky guy’s name is Joe Sharp and I am sure that like her mother Cindy he will also be cheering for her. And so will we!

What do you think of Rosie Napravnik? Do you thnk this female jockey has a shot at the Kentucky Derby? What is your prediction? Would you like to send her a message?


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