Shocking Video of the Week: Jaymie Graham’s Leg Breaking

May 6, 2011

This week’s shocking video of the week comes directly from the land down under, Australia, and their own Jaymie Graham, whose leg getting broken was caught on video and that sure wasn’t nice, check it out!

Knee Injury

Sometimes we bring you amazing goals, infuriated fans and ugly fights but I think that when it comes to gruesome injuries that get too graphic the word shocking video should begin with capital S! The nasty injury Graham suffered on his knee is one of those, it’s almost like you could feel the pain and you feel it in your stomach, oh Man that was exactly how I felt, I am sure poor Jaymie felt it like 100 times worse.

26 year-old Jaymie Graham is the football player for Australia’s team (AFL), the Bulldogs of South Fremantle, who also used to play with the West Coast Eagles who drafted him in 2004. He has shown his team what a terrific player he is and due to that he is this season’s captain.

But what was not terrific at all was the gruesome injury he suffered – a nasty rupture of his anterior ligament when his leg was trapped under Subiaco’s #22 Danny Hughes. He was rushed to the hospital where he was treated, he will miss the rest of the season.

His team informed fans that he was released from the hospital, had a full knee re-construction and is on his way to recovery, but due to his previous knee injuries I hope for a full and total recovery on his knee. Last year he was absent half of the season due to a rupture on his posterior cruciate ligament.

I won’t keep you long from watching Jaymie Graham’s shocking leg breaking video, and for sure I want to hear all of your comments about that injury. Plus you can also have the opportunity to send him a recovery message or anything that comes to your mind. We sure want to send Jaymie our warmest wishes on his full recovery and keep praying for a successful season injury free for him when he returns. Enjoy the video guys!!

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