Chris Bosh Suing Baby Mama Allison Mathis

May 5, 2011

Who is Chris Bosh’s baby mama? Is her name Allison Mathis? Why is Chris suing her? What is the name of their child? Keep reading to find out more about Allison and her estranged relationship with her baby daddy NBA forward in the story below.

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Miami Heat’s Chris Bosh is engaged and ready to wed Adrienne Nicole Williams, who if you remember we heard rumors about them already being married last month but he denied it. That wedding though will be fab but there also was a time when another woman used to be by his side, her name is Allison Mathis.

We first saw her while her boyfriend was playing with the Toronto Raptors she was quite a regular in the stands. The following thing we heard about Mathis and Bosh is that they we are expecting a child together, but then a few months later when Allison was seven months pregnant she allegedly said that he didn’t want to give her any money for her baby related expenses and added that he threw her out of his home.

This is not over, Allison was just warming up, in 2009 she and Chris’ daughter Trinity Meyers-Mathis was born, she sued him for child support plus wanted to get full custody of Trinity. The last thing we heard more or less was that Bosh’s girl was going to replace Dwight Howard’s girl in Basketball wives. To be honest at first I thought it was Adrienne but then it was revealed that Allison Mathis will be on the third season of VH1’s Basketball Wives which I think should be renamed to Basketball ex-wives, so anyway that my friends was something that Chris was not going to allow, why? Like Howard did with Royce she should relate anything about her life to his, remember that Harry Potter Voldemort thing, “He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named” was Wade’s law suit against Royce in Basketball Wives and apparently sort of the same with the Mathis/Bosh affair.

He filed a lawsuit on Monday in the California District Court against her due to infringing his trademark and publicity rights and that Allison and the VH1’s Basketball Wives producer Shed Media should have his consent, something that they don’t have. In conclusion Allison might not be in the third season of the show, do you think she will be on it?

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