Charlie Bell’s Wife, Kenya Bell, Allegedly Stabs Him

May 3, 2011

Kenya is the third woman who allegedly stabbed her husband/ boyfriend in a short period of a month, why is this happening so often these days? Did she really do it? Why? What do you know about Mrs. Bell? Besides being a former Mrs. Michigan, we can tell you more interesting things about her so check out our story.

Kenya Bell

First things first we want to tell you all about the attack. So 32 year-old Golden State Warriors’ guard Charlie Bell was allegedly stabbed by his wife, former Miss Michigan Kenya Bell. According to reports, they are living like single parents but are still married. On Sunday, Kenya allegedly grabbed a box cutter to stab her boyfriend at his home in Grand Blac, Township in front of two minors. She was taken to the Genesse District Court where she was charged with domestic violence and assault with a dangerous weapon. She was released on Monday after paying a $5,000 bond. she will be back in court on Friday for her pre-trial.

What else besides this gruesome incident do we know about Mrs. Bell? Well, 34 year-old Kenya Howard Bell from Detroit comes from a long line of gospel singers and ministers. Kenya is a mechanical engineer from Michigan State and holds a masters degree in management and a bachelor’s degree in engineering. She became Miss Michigan USA in 2001. Besides modeling, Bell, like her family, is a singer. At one time she joined the group Odyssey, that later grew apart but she continued singing and released two singles. She has two children and is highly involved in many charities, mostly in her own Soles to Souls.

Kenya is the third woman who reportedly stabbed her husband or boyfriend, last month we heard about Michi Nogami Marshall who allegedly stabbed her husband Brandon Marshall and a week later Jason Hunter of the Broncos was allegedly stabbed by his girlfriend, although he didn’t press any charges and her name was never revealed.

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