Breakup Report: Arsenal Cesc Fabregas Splits from Girlfriend Carla Dona Garcia

May 2, 2011

Arsenal’s captain Cesc Fabregas is heartbroken after splitting with longtime girlfriend Carla Dona Garcia. How long had they dated? Why did they split up? Who broke up with who? Keep reading to find out in our Breakup Report.

Cesc Fabregas Carla Dona Garcia

The 23 year-old Arsenal’s captain is devastated. Not only does he carry a burden over his shoulder but the stress is becoming unbearable and decided to break up with his girlfriend of seven years, Carla Dona Gracia also known as Carla Cutie. Cesc and 24 year-old Carla met in their natal Spain and had been dating for 7 years, she graduated from the University of Barcelona and then she joined her boyfriend at that time in the UK and went to the University of Hertforshire. She works as an account executive in Radar Sponsorship in London.

According to the DailyMail, the news about the breakup was confirmed by Cesc’s father, Francesc Fabregas Sr. He said his son is heartbroken about the decision, but decided it was better to split up. Even though the breakup was amicable he clearly is very sad and wants to be alone. The decision to end the relationship was more his than Carla’s.

“It’s a shame. They had been together for a long time and she was a lovely girl. But Cesc wants to be on his own. He preferred to end things before there were children or things like that.”

After watching them for so many years together, we have grown to see Carla by his side. It was just a matter of time for them to bring the news about them getting engaged or so we and most of his friends and teammates believed, they were one of the most stable couples in Arsenal. Carla was involved in many charity events with other Arsenal wives like Robin Van Persi’s wife Bouchra Van Persie and everybody thinks she was a great girl who was there to stay.

We feel saddened with this news and hope time can heal your hearts, hopefully this decision was the best for both of them! Would you like to send Cesc Fabregas and Carla Dona Garcia a message? You can do that below, but not before you check out their photos and a memorable video of their happy times together.

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